So, I claimed this was for my art n shit, but its turned into a blog blog. So its a place where you will see a variety of bs with my art thrown in.




a dudebro goes over to the frankenstein place and says “ugh, heavy makeup and fishnets are such an unattractive trend.” tim curry screams “I DIDN’T WEAR IT FOR YOU” and kills him with a pickax and then everyone eats him


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So chains easy no problem, but the single crochet stitch is nott

I don’t think I’m putting it through the right holes..Maybe I should use a smaller hook??? IDKKK

Time to learn how to crochet, motherfuckers 

Time to learn how to crochet, motherfuckers 


頭使って。。。#頭おかしい 〜 さーちゃん

Use your head… #imweird 〜 さーちゃん

Maths is hard!

Use your head properly.